Promoting cooperation between OEG and Korean eSports organizations in Vietnam market

Recently, at the office of Ocean Entertainment Group (OEG), the representative of OEG had a cordial reception with Mr. Alex Lim - Former Secretary General of the International Esports Federation, CEO of Studio Koo (Korea), Mr. BK Park - Director of Studio Koo and Mr. Mathew SungChul Byun - CEO & Co-Founder of The Match Lab. During this meeting, representatives of the parties shared about their projects, visions and development strategy, as well as opportunities for cooperation in the future, especially in the two fields of Academy and Platform.

With more than 20 years of experience in eSports, Mr. Alex highly appreciates what OEG has been doing and the development orientations of OEG. He was especially impressed with the OEG National Student E-Sports tournament and OEG's E-Sports Stadium that to be launched in September 2023. Besides, Alex Lim is also CEO of Studio Koo that is developing the main product - Livestream Platform - also one of the strategic products of OEG's ecosystem. Therefore, they wish to have more opportunities to cooperate with OEG in this field of Vietnamese market.

The Match Lab is the first educational institution for gamers licensed by the Gyeonggi-do Education Office (Korea). The Match Lab analyzes, finds Player's problems and advises, trains amateur players to professional players, makes eSports is a major at universities in Korea (such as Hansung University, Osan, Honam, etc.). ..), while giving job opportunities for gamers. In addition to gaming skills, The Match Lab also helps to manage the mental balance for gamers, create a civilized, healthy e-sports environment and develop the community. These are also the goals of OEG when forming and developing the Academy project (Training and managing young eSports talents). The similarity in strategic development orientation is the basis for forming a cooperative relationship between OEG and partners.

In the coming time, Ocean Entertainment Group will continue to focus on promoting the development of Platform system, E-Sports Stadium, Training and Management Academy of young eSports talents as well as deploying many tournaments from semi-professional to professional. industry for the community. With the companionship, cooperation, and support of domestic and foreign partners, organizations, enterprises, and individuals, Ocean Entertainment Group will surely have more opportunities and motivation to make ceaseless efforts to achieved many successes on the journey of "Enhancing Vietnam's eSports".

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