Official Press Event Launching the National Student Open Cup - NSOC 2023 eSports Tournament

The official press event for the launch of the National Student Open Cup (NSOC) 2023, an eSports competition, took place successfully in Hanoi yesterday afternoon (September 26th). Organized by the Ocean Entertainment Group, the event saw the participation of numerous representatives from the media, press, online platforms, television stations, major policy sponsors, media sponsors, broadcast supporters, as well as esteemed partners and sponsors.

At the event, Mr. Bui Anh Tuan, the CEO and Head of the organizing committee of OEG, shared specific details about the tournament. In its inaugural season, NSOC 2023 boasts a total prize pool of up to 1 billion VND and features competition in two of the most popular games today: Valorant and League of Legends. After over a month of official registration, NSOC 2023 received enthusiastic participation from the passionate eSports community, with impressive numbers: 127 universities and colleges nationwide registered, forming 298 teams and involving 1,490 athletes.

Mr. Bui Anh Tuan, CEO of OEG and Head of the Organizing Committee, shared important tournament information with the media.

Especially the North Regional Finals and the NSOC 2023 Grand Finals will take place at the OEG Esports Stadium, located in Cho Mo, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi. This stadium is a professional eSports arena that meets international standards, providing state-of-the-art equipment, sound, and lighting systems. It is expected to officially open in October.

The OEG Esports Stadium, the venue for the NSOC 2023 finals, is scheduled to open at the end of October 2023.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Hoang Xuan Luong, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Olympic Committee, which is the main policy sponsor for NSOC 2023, shared, "This tournament will bring exciting opportunities and challenges to the Vietnamese student community. Students are the best demographic to promote eSports in Vietnam, as they have a strong interest in it. Moreover, students, as the future owners of the country, have the historical mission to change society's perspective on eSports." He also praised OEG for its efforts and contributions to the development of eSports among the student community and the national sports scene in general, as demonstrated by their high-quality and professional tournaments.

Mr. Hoang Xuan Luong, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Olympic Committee, delivered a speech at the event.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Cuong, President of the Vietnam Electronic Sports and Entertainment Association (VIRESA), emphasized the importance of the tournament, stating, "The Vietnamese eSports team is currently in Hangzhou, China, to participate in the 19th Asian Games with 37 members, competing in the qualifiers and finals. Stepping onto the international stage, Vietnamese eSports can compete for medals with larger countries. To achieve this, we have made efforts from publishers, businesses, tournament organizers,... to promote the eSports movement, especially among students. The level of Vietnamese eSports has improved, especially with the overall victory at the 31st SEA Games. We also have the capacity to organize international events, showcasing professionalism in organizing and spreading Vietnamese cultural values. All sports aim to reach the public, the community, and the audience, and eSports is following this path but has already found its direction. Student tournaments will serve as a solid foundation for professional tournaments and national teams." It can be said that NSOC 2023 is one of the pioneering and monumental tournaments, laying a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the eSports movement within the student community.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Cuong, President of the Vietnam Esports and Entertainment Association (VIRESA), assessed the significance of the tournament.

The event also provided an opportunity for OEG to express gratitude to its esteemed partners, sponsors, and brands that have supported NSOC 2023. The support and trust of everyone involved serve as a great motivation for OEG to continue pursuing its noble goals and missions.

Representatives from the Vietnam Olympic Committee and the Vietnam Esports and Entertainment Association (VIRESA) presented commemorative plaques to the sponsoring entities and partners of the tournament.

With its unprecedented scale and the largest prize pool ever for the student community, NSOC 2023 promises to be the most anticipated and explosive eSports event of 2023 for both Vietnamese students and the eSports community at large.

OEG sincerely thanks all media representatives, press, online platforms, television stations, partners, sponsors, friends, and attendees for joining and supporting us at this event, contributing to the dissemination of the positive messages and values of the tournament to the passionate eSports community and society!

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