Ocean Entertaiment Group promotes corporate culture integration training for new employees

With the mission and vision to become the leading Technology, Media and Entertainment Ecosystem in Vietnam, the quality of human resource recruitment at Ocean Entertainment Group always requires careful investment from all departments. ban. In order to help new employees quickly adapt to the work and corporate culture, as well as improve labor efficiency, the Company Culture Integration Training program is always the top concern after each recruitment. used by Ocean Entertainment Group.

Integration training plays an important role in creating the best orientation and environment right from the first days of work. The integration training helps new employees get an overview of the Company, quickly approach work and partly realize the close attention from the Board of Directors. In addition to professional knowledge, it is also very important to quickly grasp the operation process and activities between departments.

The content of the integration training program at Ocean Entertainment Group provides new members with basic information about: the process of formation - development, scale and field of activity, types of products and services. business services ... as well as the remuneration regime, working environment, knowledge and regulations on human resource management when joining the Company.

As a Technology, Media and Entertainment company, Ocean Entertainment Group always creates a young, dynamic and open environment for its employees. "At Ocean Entertainment Group, we always promote and create the best conditions for each individual to unleash their creativity and express their breakthrough at work. The company also encourages initiatives to innovate the process. , increase productivity and bring high efficiency. Excellent members always have a place and opportunities for career development." Mr. Bui Anh Tuan - CEO Ocean Entertainment Group shared.

Also within the framework of the program, new employees have the opportunity to understand more deeply the Vision, Mission and Core Values ​​of the Company, thereby having the opportunity to instill the thought of the Board of Directors to determine the guide for all future activities.

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