The official signing event announced implementation in Vietnam - The wait affter nearly 20 year!

Nearly 20 year of waiting, the hope of a thriving AOE platform has paid off. Recently, representatives of Microsoft and VTC Game announced that they will hold a signing ceremony to officially announce the release of Age of Empires in Vietnam.

“Besides AOE, VTC will sign a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Microsoft to develop Gaming, E-Sports, Studio Game, Blockchain, Web 3.0 and Metaverse segments,” said Mr. Pham Van Thanh, director of VTC Game on Personal Facebook.

Microsoft is a leading technology corporation in the world in software development and sales, and is also one of the leading companies in building cloud computing systems and platforms. Microsoft also owns a lot of game studios (Top 3 in the world for games) and has a lot of support projects for new technology developers.

Multimedia Communications Corporation (VTC) after nearly 35 years of growth and development, is a state-owned enterprise under the Ministry of Information and Communications with prestige and operational capacity in the field of online entertainment, payment system as well as pioneering the development of eSports in Vietnam.

In many fields of cooperation this time, the official release of Age of Empires (AOE) by VTC in Vietnam is attracting a lot of attention and concern from the community and public. In the context that eSports is growing day by day with more and more new faces and new subjects appearing, AOE still retains a very unique and irreplaceable position in the community of eSports lovers. in Viet Nam. Calling AOE by a legendary name is not an exaggeration. AOE is not only a monument in Vietnam, it is also a product that has entered the history of the Gaming community around the world.

First launched in 1997, so far AOE has been nearly 20 years old. With the youth of so many people, AOE is a beautiful dream that never ends. The AOE playing community has accompanied and developed with the ups and downs of AOE over time without losing its enthusiasm. The AOE community tournament is still held regularly, the AOE team of professional players has been formed and kept fire through many generations so far. The official release of VTC in Vietnam will certainly have more official resources and investments of great value to support the development of AOE Vietnam through such items as: Tournaments, platforms, events community…

However, the official release of AOE also appeared a big problem of copyright. Where will the AOE tournaments known and supported by the community so far go when this subject is copyrighted? A problem that needs serious coordination between VTC and Microsoft to solve together.

In addition, the support and companionship from units that share the same interest with AOE as OEG is indispensable. The contribution and cooperation from all parties will help AOE VN stay on the right track, develop stronger, ready for a step towards the recognition of AOE as an official e-sport, appeared and competed at major domestic and regional events and sports events such as the 31st SEA Games, the Asian Games, etc. OEG is very pleased to accompany VTC, the Vietnam E-Sports and Entertainment Association. VIRESA in comprehensive development cooperation for AOE in Vietnam, join hands to contribute to solve outstanding problems of AOE and lead AOE Vietnam to develop in the right direction.

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