OEG accompanies VTC and Microsoft to deploy AOE tournament systems in Vietnam

Ocean Entertainment Group (OEG) - a corporation that invests in and operates online entertainment solutions for companies in eSports, online games,... is a companion unit with VTC and Microsoft

 develop a system of tournaments for AOE in Vietnam. 

At a press conference held yesterday afternoon (September 22, 2022), VTC and the world's technology giant Microsoft signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the period of 2022 - 2025 in the field of technology. E-sports with the aim of promoting the application of technology to expand products and building an Innovation Center for Vietnamese technology and game startups. Gaming is a key segment in this partnership with the first shot being the Age of Empires game. 

In the content of the press conference, right after signing this strategic cooperation, Microsoft authorized VTC to release Age Empires (AoE) game versions I, II, III, IV in Vietnam. VTC has the role of publishing, distributing, building and deploying e-Sports tournaments as well as making AOE an official sport in the system of National e-Sports tournaments and regional arenas. .

This is good news for the Empire community in Vietnam. With systematic investment resources from Microsoft and VTC, AOE will certainly develop to a new level in Vietnam, from semi-professional tournament to professional tournament system. 

The publisher VTC and Microsoft are also very open to cooperating with community units, state agencies and mass organizations to develop the Empire. Ocean Entertainment Group (OEG) as an organizer with modern infrastructure is a companion with VTC and Microsoft to operate the tournament system for AOE in Vietnam. 

Ocean Entertainment Group Joint Stock Company (OEG) is a corporation that invests and operates online entertainment solutions for companies in eSports, online games, operates and organizes eSports tournaments, develops and managing Talent (KOLs), creating an eSports economy for brands, etc. By working with many partners in the region, along with a team of esports experts with more than 10 years of experience and enthusiasm, OEG promises to become the leading core organization and raise new heights for eSports in Vietnam. Not only eSports, OEG's ecosystem also focuses on the following areas: Platform and Production House. 

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